Roman e il suo cucciolo, Roman and his cub Alexandro Gassman

by Marianne Wi

The Italian actor and model Alesandro Gassman has confirmed that he will direct his first feature film ”Roman e il suo cucciolo” directly translated ”Roman and his cub” however it is known in the English-speaking world as ”Cuba and his Teddy Bear” based on a book by Reinaldo Povoda, it featured Robert de Niro in his first stage role back in 1986 in New York. Yes, lady’s I know the photo is a little risqué however with Hunziker on the blog, I though I would even the score a wee bit. ”Roman e il suo cucciolo” is about two immigrants; an unpleasent odious father and his relationship with his own son, Alexandro feels the movie deep inside him and will be able to really focus on the actors in the film. I understand the cast to be : Alessandro Gassman, Manrico Gammarota, Sergio Meogrossi, Giovanni Anzaldo, Matteo Taranto, Natalia Lungu and Andrea Paolotti they will all be trying to transfer the magic of the Theatre stage to the magic of the Cinema screen, when they start the shooting in Spring 2012. Alexandro Gassman is an actor with many TV and feature films behind him, his most resent was Basilicata coat to coast directed by Rocco Papaleo and also Il padre e lo straniero, The Father and the Foreigner directed by Ricky Tognazzi a versatile actor, who I think has his looks and modeling career against him, it is not only women that suffer such a backlash.


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