Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci looks like it is all over………again

by Marianne Wi

Daniele Pecci was out on the town this week with a blonde and it was not La Hunziker, he was papped strolling bold as brass around Trastevere in Rome before eating what might very well have been a romantic lunch, unless the young lady turns out to be a friend of the family. Meanwhile Hunziker has been adorning the Italian Magazines, who have described her as a ”lonely pensive figure”. Hunziker’s tour is coming to an end and she was recently seen to skip dinner with the rest of the members, in favour of at trip up the aisle at the local Basilica; an after midnight spot of sightseeing with her bodyguard Federico. La Basilica della Santa Casa di Loretor, is housing some very important catholic relics dating back to 1296. When not searching for God, Hunziker has been seen soaking up the sun with her ”driver” or Federico the ”bodyguard”. Hunziker has declared her self ”Happy and Single” I think you will all agree that she will not be alone for long. Wish I could get that Whitney Houston song out of my head…….

Hunziker and Federico it is back on ? The Lates. 17.07.2011

Hunziker and the Neo-Nazi Bodyguard Federico the latest ! 15.07.2011

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