We Want Sex ! Oh no we don’t, what we want is ”Made in Dagenham” !

by Marianne Wi

Something went drastically wrong in translation, have the producers of ”Made in Dagenham” directed by Nigel Cole 2010, gone completely loopy ? I assume the producers have a say in what their film will be called once sold abroad? I missed the original release in Italy of this brilliantly made film about ”The Machinists” at the Ford Factory in Dagenham’s fight for equal pay back in the 60s, as I was not blogging when it was released in December 2010. Now for reasons best known to Italian distribution, it has been re-released in Catania this month, OK why not it is a fabulous watch and an English film at its very best. I have just sat and watched the entire movie again trying to comprehend why the Italians decided to not only give it an English title but to change it to something that makes no sense at all, certainly a title that will get the wrong people flocking to the cinema and the right people who would enjoy it, stay at home. For a period of about 5 seconds during a demonstration outside the Ford Factory in Dagenham, while the protesters were unrolling their banners we saw ” We want sex” it became within a split second ”We Want Sexual Equality”……….it is preposterous to sexualize a film that is not about sex but equality, PrimoCiak is very very annoyed ! Equal Pay became law in the UK in 1970 mainly as a result of this female uprising. So do go and see ”Made in Dagenham” an excellent movie if I ever saw one………twice and ignore that silly film ”We Want Sex”!


4 Comments to “We Want Sex ! Oh no we don’t, what we want is ”Made in Dagenham” !”

  1. On my morning train journey to work I used to pass the crew for Made in Dagenham as they were filming- on the site of the Hoover washing machine plant in Merthyr- so maybe a more accurate title would be Made in Merthyr Tydfil 🙂

  2. LOL Made in Merthyr Tydfil ? I like it Nigel.

  3. Tis the case yes. Hoover had recently closed and that year I was working in the Merthyr area- I used to pass the mobile cafe that the crew used which was at the rear of the plant and near to the railway.

    more here:


    incidentally the same cardiff to merthyr line passes where the BBC keep the Dr Who props so me and my wife spotted a Dalek on one train trip to Cardiff

  4. That train line sounds like a lot of fun, I would love to pass a Darlek on my way to work. Thank you for the link, interesting to read that extras are paid 65.00 GBP per day in the UK, in Sicily and I imagine most of Italy you are more likely to pay to be an extra.I try to avoid the UK films when they are released here, leaving it until they can be found online or on DVD, Bob Hoskins being dubbed in Italian is priceless yet so very very irritating………..

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