Peppe or Toni Servillo? La stanza dell’orco, The Room of the Ogre (possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi

Antonio and Marco Manetti best know in Italy as the Manetti Brothers are shooting their new film in Rome, they are an awesome combination and are very well know here in Italy for their television work, you may have heard of L’inspettore Coliandro written and directed by both of them, I remember them for the “17th Floor ” a great film that did well at Festivals back in 2005.  La stanza dell’orco, The Room of the Ogre (possible English Title) will be a headline grabber for sure, these brothers are a force to be reckoned with and I have a feeling if this film is directed and the subject of this horror story handled with the utmost care, it will take them out of Italy and on to the International Festival Circuit and beyond, my advise to the Manetti Brothers is ”less is more”, not that they need my advise LOL

The film will star Lorenzo Pedrotti, Domenico Diele and Claudio Di Biagio, three boys living on the outskirts of Rome, with little to do, they are bored and looking for trouble,  just something to do. One boy has a job working as a mechanic in a garage, servicing rich clients cars, one such client foolishly or by design, leave him the keys for his car before heading off to a Rolls Royce reunion, it does not take our trio long before they are joyriding, they find keys on the dashboard belonging to a rather large property, which they decide to investigate further….not a wise decision boys, not wise at all. Our trio discover a room in the property which contents is shocking, sickening and trouble starts to brew, I should imagine they would be heading for the nearest exit at a very high speed. Enter the owner, who has returned early with more than evil on his mind ………….

Here my internet research is coming a cropper, who of the brothers have the guts to take on the role of a deprived pedophile, is it Peppe or Toni Servillo ? According to the Italian Magazine Oggi issue 25 it is Toni, who has had to grow his hair so that it can be coloured red, yet according to other Internet research it is Peppe, my personal money is on Peppe, Toni has always taken on interesting roles portraying Mafia hitmen, yet from hitman to pedophile, I think he will shy away from that role. Peppe on the other hand is the less known of the two yet also an excellent actor, you saw him in Into Paradiso directed by Paola Randi playing Vincenzo Cacace and also in La pecora nera, The Blacksheep directed by Ascanio Celestini, he has less to lose if this film hits the headlines for all the wrong reasons. La stanza dell’orco, The Room of the Ogre has the potential to be an Oscar nominated headline grabber or simply buried under a lot of self-righteous religions dust, only time will tell. I am so hoping it will do well, it is quiet on the ”Goodfilmfront” here in Italy, we are overrun with comedy and could do with a good horror come drama movie.

It is being short right now in Rome with only 4 weeks remaining, assuming all goes to plan it will be released in September 2011 and YES it is in 3D, a film in 3D that is not a cartoon whoop whoop !


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