Kim Rossi Stuart, Ilaria Spada and a lot of wedding bells

by Marianne Wi

It is official, Ilaria Spada has been denying her pregnancy for weeks although it was pretty obvious for the world to see, now the secret is out as she sold her story to Vanity Fair Italia. This month Magazine has a number of very cool photos, if you like the look of a four months pregnant lady, she certainly looks like the cat that got the cream. Spada told Vanity that they plan to marry at some point in the future, thank God for small mercies, this is Italy after all phew. Spada and Stuart met in December 2010 when they had dinner with a mutual friend, the story goes that Spada did not bother to dress up for the dinner, she was wearing only jeans, old shirt and mountain boots, on top of which she apparently fell in the rain before entering her taxi……. there is a lesson to be learned there girls, no need to spend a month salary on the latest seductive outfit to bag yourself an Italian Actor. Spada and Stuart are expecting a baby boy in November 2011, prepare yourself to see some stunning photos in Decembers issue of Vanity Fair, perhaps they will also include Kim Rossi Stuart as they will be celebrating their one year anniversary too, what a difference a year makes.

Kim Rossi Stuart & Ilaria Spada are soaking up the sun in Sabaudia Italy   21.06.2011


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