Giuseppe Piccioni is shooting “The Red and blue”

by Marianne Wi

Giuseppe Piccioni has started shooting his new film in Rome, he is a director you will know from Luce dei miei occhi, Light of  My Eyes 2001, La vita che vorrie, The Life That I Want 2004 and Giulia non esce la sera, Giulia Does Not Date at Night 2009, this new exciting project is based on a book written by Marco Lodoli “Il rosso e il blu, cuori ed errori nella scuola italiana”,”The Red and The Blue, and Errors Committed in Italian Schools ” (possible English Title) released in 2009. I should imagine the film will only be called ” The Red and The Blue”. I am flying by the seats of my pans, when I say Scamarcio will be the young inexperienced teacher with problems and Herlitzka the old cynical professor with many years behind him. I have been promised my favourite Italian actress Margherita Buy will also be starring with Riccardo Scamarcio and the talented Roberto Herlitzka, now I want to know who the rest of the cast is and when we get to see this germ at the cinema, it is quiet on the film front in Italy…too quiet.


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