Midnight Sun Film Festival MSFF Sounds just awesome

by Marianne Wi

The Midnight Sun Film Festival is about to open its doors with an interesting mix of films this year. It will be running from the 15th to the 19th of June 2011, so if you are heading up to see the Northern lights, stop off at Sodankyla for a day or two, it is a truly stunning place to take in a film and of course the Midnight Sun too, if you have time stay for the 21st and the big celebrations for the longest day, you will not regret it.

They have been generous to Italy, I would say they are even flirting a wee bit as they are screening 4 Italian films in was is only a 4 day Festival, I am warming to the Finns as long as they go easy on the Snaps and the smoked Reindeer meat, that said I just had Reindeer Salami from Catania’s IKEA it was pretty darn good, so watch it Rudolf.

The Finns have picked the following entries :

Gianni e le donne, The Salt of Life directed by Gianni Di Gregorio

Le quatre volte, The Four Times directed by Michelangelo Frammartino

Roma, Rome restored and directed by Federico Fellini

La Dolce Vita directed by Federico Fellini

Nice to see a bit of retro at these festivals, well done Fellini.


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