Nowt so queer as folk or the Italian Legal System

by Marianne Wi

Mario Monicelli, who committed suicide in November of 2010 by jumping from a hospital window at the age of 95 has a disgruntled wife, named Chiara Rapaccini. Rapaccini has with the help of a number of artists tried to sue Paola Binetti, who claimed Monicelli had killed himself as he had been abandoned by all his friends, she lost the case as Binetti claimed her right to immunity under Italian law. Rapaccini is not impressed and during a visit to the Bangkok’s Italian Film Festival MovieMov yesterday (09.06.2011) she expressed her wish to appeal, receiving a lot of applause and love from the room. Paola Binetti, is an Italian oddball, who was born on the 29 March 1943 in Rome, she studied medicine and surgery before going into politics, she has been involved with a number of parties during her very active time there, the latest being the UDC. Binetti, made headlines in Europe, when she in 2007 on live TV suggested that all gay and lesbians should seek medical help as she considered homosexuality an illness and that strong gay tendencies can lead to pedophilia, she is a member of Opus Dei a group believing in self-flagellation “forces us to reflect on the effort of living,” . Rapaccini, lost the case against Binetti as the latter claimed to have the right to receive immunity under Italian law, well there should be no surprise there really with our much-loved Berlusconi as leader amongst men, Binetti should be quite safe. Chiara Rapaccini is appealing, I hope it will not fall on deaf ears.

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MovieMov Italian Film Festival Bangkok


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