Festival delle Cerase in Palombara, Sabina is off and on the run

by Marianne Wi

The Smallest Film Festival in the World, Festival delle Cerase, The Cherry Festival is up and running, hopefully not for the last time, the publicity created by Giovanni Veronese should be enough to save it from closure, crossing everything. The Festival has kicked off to a flying start, the first prize  for best actor is going to my favorite Giuseppe Battiston for his role in “Senza arte ne Parte” “Make a Fake” directed by Giovanni Albernese. Battiston will receive “Le ciliegie d’oro del Cinema Italiano” ” The Golden Cherry of Italian Cinema”, when meeting the public and the Jury after the screening of the film on the 9th of June 2011. Battiston will not get of lightly once this honour has been bestown him, he must cook a special dinner for the Public, I can only assume there will be a lot of Cerase and Olives used for this meal although not in the same dish. I think Hollywood should follow suit, this would be a wonderful idea after the Oscar Ceremony, get the winners to cook a meal as a thank you, I like it.

The Cerase Film Festival, Palombara is now an endangered spices.  10th May 2011


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