Hollywood, Basilicata and a big Coppola

by Marianne Wi

Rumors are running wild in Basilicata, well actually they are running riots in Hollywood, Paris and most of Italy too. The wedding of the year “mach 2” will take place in Bernalda, August 2011, preparations are on the way and I am sure the bridemaids are all to be found in a Gym doing Pilatus. Who is getting married? Well, the director of “Somewhere” last years winner of the Golden Lion, Sophia Carmina Coppola and her long time companion the French singer Thomas Mars from the indie group Phoenix, they have been together for 9 years producing 2 children. The knot will be tied in Bernalda from where her grandfather immigrated back in 1904, he incidentally invented the videophone that was patented and purchased by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Sophia Coppola’s famous father Francis Coppola is one of Americas biggest director and producers, you are bound to have seen The Godfather One, two and Three, Apocalypse Now, Black Beauty and many others, he received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the ceremony of this years Oscars, Sophia comes from a sturdy stock of film makers, no one can argue with that. Sophia and Thomas visited Bernalda back in 2008 and it is understood that he asked her to marry him while inside Palazzo Margherita…..I know, who said romance was dead ? Palazzo Margherita was purchased by the Coppola Family many years ago and restored to the highest spec, a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony, we know this as many scenes from “Somewhere” were shot inside the palazzo. Will the “I do” be said in the surrounding gardens to the tune of Lisztomania, I think that is a wait and see for now. There will be an influx of  Hollywood stars, French stars and the odd Italian movie icon for sure, Nicholas Cage is Sophia’s  cousin, Al Pacino a close friend of the family as is Steven Spielberg and Sly Stalone … what about Jackie Stalone will she be there doing her Rumpology readings after the service, I am sure the guest list will read like an international who’s who, I am getting excited and will have a look at eBay for that special hat, just encase .


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