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Senza arte né parte, Make a Fake

by Marianne Wi

Director : Giovanni Albanese, this is his second feature, if you have a memory of an elephant you might remember him from his first feature AAAAchille starring Sergio Rubini, Helene Sevaux, Paolo Bonacelli and Loris Pazienza. I recall this film from 2003 as it had a great story line and some good solid acting. I am not an Italian comedy fan however as comedies go Senza arte né parte, Make a Fake was not bad, it did rather drag at the end though, however we were treated to the beautiful countryside that is Lecce and great use of music.

Cast : Giuseppe Battiston, Giulio Beranek, Mariolina De Fano, Daniele Esposito, Donatella Finocchiaro, Ernesto Mahieux, Vincenzo Salemme, Paolo Sassanelli, Hassani Shapi .

Synobsis : Three production workers at a pasta factory have been made redundant, Carmine (Giuseppe Battiston), Enzo (Vincenzo Salemme) and Bandula  (Hassani Shapi) find themselves replaced by machines.  I particularly loved the scene, where the three take revenge on the equipment to the tune of Johann Strauss and his Vienna Waltz, it was truly hilarious, best moment of the film and we discover how Bandula always managed to be first on the job each morning, classic. The three are re-employed in a job sharing scheme by Alfonso Tammaro (Paolo Sassanelli) who was responsible for their redundancy, he now takes them on in typical south Italian fasion…..”Three for the price of one” working as security guards, guarding art works. With the help of Carmine’s younger brother (Giulio Beranek) they start to reproduce the works of art, making a lot of money, of course, this must end in tears and it should, we should never promote fraud, no matter how stilly the plotline developes. There are a lot of Southern humour during the film, theft of a whole olive tree being funny but also sadly true among others. How will our gang of three get on in Rome at the big art gallery ? Will we have a happy ending ?

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