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Tatanka Skatenato, Raging Tatanka

by Marianne Wi

Based on the book “La Bellezza e l’inferno” written by Roberto Saviano about the Italian Olympic Boxer Clemente Russo aka Tatanka Buffalo who won a Silver Medal in Beijing 2008. Clemente Russo, plays himself with great ease, he was born on the 27th July 1982 in Marcianise not far from Naples, where he grew up rough and fast among the crime syndicates with few escape routes, boxing being one of the only options open to him.

Director :  Giuseppe Gagliardi first feature “La vera leggenda di Tony Vilar”, “The True Legend of Tony Vilar” 2006 did very well Internationally, Tatanka Skatenato, Raging Tatanka is sure to follow suit.

Cast : Rade Serbedzija, Giorgio Colangeli, Carmine Recano, Alexander Yassin, Cemente Russo, Susanne Wolff, Enzo Casertano, Damir Todorvic, Linda Chang, Vincenzo Pane, Lorenzo Scialla,

Synopsis: We follow a very young Clemente Russo, his fight against the local crime syndicate who are hiring children, the police who are not only the enemy but also a violent enemy, we see some of the difficult choices he had to make on route to fame, always remembering honour and never forgetting that real men ” have balls”. There are few options open for a poor uneducated youth from this dilapidated area of Southern Italy, he chooses Boxing. While serving 8 years in prison for doing over a warehouse, he continues his training inside, the camorra never far behind. Once released he is trapped, falls in to bare-knuckle fights for money, crime and disillusionment. We follow his stubborn climb back to become one of the world’s best white contemporary heavyweight fighters, the highlight of his career no doubt being the Olympic Silver in Beijing in 2008 loosing only to Rakhim Chakkhiev. If you like a bit of rough play this sports film is for you.



Not for Sicilians the joys of drama.

by Marianne Wi

Frustrating is the least offensive word one can use for Italian film “Distribution”, how does it work and who makes the decisions ?

Hai paura del buio, Are you Afraid of the Dark ? directed by Massimo Coppola has already appeared at 12 Festivals and received 4 awards together with Il Primo Incarico, The First Assignment directed by Giorgia Cecere having been watched already at 12 Film Festivals during 2011 were both released in Italy on the 6th May 2011 except for Sicily,why?


“Ciao Bella” not “Bop Decameron” not “The Wrong Picture” Directed by Woody Allan

by Marianne Wi

There are rumors galore here in Italy and they are hot, could have melted the iceberg that collided with the Titanic, had it not been too late. Woody Allan’s new film “Bop Decameron” and not  “The Wrong Picture” as first reported is due to be shot in Rome later this year, will not only be starring Alec Baldwin, Penélope Cruz, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, now the rumors started by, (I say rumors they may very will be in possession of the true facts) will also be starring Roberto Benigni, who famously won 2 Oscars for Life is Beautiful in 1997 for his role as Guido Orefice and as a director of the film. Will the world be ready for 2 comic geniuses in one production, one driven by heavy dialogue the other by slapstick with a touch of the dramatic, will they gel ? I guess it is a game of wait and see.

Update 14.05.2011

Not just a rumor, Woody Allen has confirmed yesterday at Cannes Film Festival, that Roberto Benigni will not just play a cameo role in his next film “Bop Decameron” it will be a great meaty role, shot in the centre of Rome during the month of August, there will be a number of other great Italian actors too, however no names were mentioned.  The film was first known as “The Wrong Picture” I now hear it will be called “Bop Decameron” what ever they decide to all it I am excited about this film already.

Update 08.06.2011 Ohhh yes there is more:

apart from Roberto Benigni a number of other Italian Actors and an Actress have been confirmed and we have a 3rd possible title for this film too and it has not even started to shoot yet…..Rocco Papaleo, Riccardo Scamarcio, Isabella Ferrari, Sergio Rubini and Massimo Ghini, that is what I call a cassata a really strange mix and I wonder if Roberto Benigni has suddenly had second thoughts as he reads this news, well not mine I am sure others will have pointed this new development out to him, this is going to be some lineup.


Seattle International Film Festival SIFF

by Marianne Wi

If you are sleepless in Seattle, don’t be as the International Film Festival is kicking off on the 19th May 2011 and will be showing some exciting Italian films untill the 12th of June 2011. All you need is to book your tickets and smarten up before you hit 9th Avenue North. Seattle has made the effort so do not make Italy look “La brutta Figura”. For full programme click here

The Italian Films shown this year are:

Vallanzasca – Gli angeli del male, Angles of Evil directed by Michele Placido

Gorbaciof, Gorbacov directed by Stefano Incerti

Febbre da fieno, Hayfever directed by Laura Luchetti

Una vita tranquilla,  A Quiet Life directed by Cladio Cuppellini

La nostra vita, Our Life directed by Daniele Luchetti.  Elio Germani just won Best Actor for his role in this film at the 2011 David di Donatello awards.

La Dolce Vita (1960) directed by Frederico Fellini

As you can see there is no need to hang around feeling sleepless, get you glad rags on and catch a few of the 2010 selection of Italian Films.

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