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Matteo Garrone has started shooting “Big House”

by Marianne Wi

There is a lot of excitement in Naples today, as Matteo Garrone starts the shooting of his new film “Big House”, it is expected to last 11 weeks and be shared between Naples and Rome. Garrone has been quite for the past 3 years presumably working towards this project. You will remember him as the screenwriter and director of such films as L’imbalsamatore, The Embalmer 2002 – Primo amore, First Love 2004 and his most famous film Gomorra, Gomorrah 2008, shown at 119 Film Festivals in Italy and abroad it was nominated for 56 awards, winning 50, that is impressive. There are only sketchy information on the web as to the subject of this latest project, both Garrone and Domenico Procacci the producer are keeping mum, however it is understood to be about the current obsession with appearing in such shows as Big Brother. Garrone has in previous interviews expressed his interest in the effect such TV shows has together with the impact the idolisation of celebrities have psychologically on viewers and Italian culture as a whole, resulting in difficulties connecting with the real world. Who will be starring in this film ? That is what I want to know too so stay posted.

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