Italian Cinema is playing for deaf ears.

by Marianne Wi

“Notizie degli scavi” , ” News of the Excavations” (Possible English Title) directed by Emidio Greco, due to be released on Friday the 29th of April, is making weaves. It will first be shown on on the 28th online with 500 virtual seats made available, a fact that makes me frankly want to sing an ode to the good people of freebies.

Now online cinema in Italy has gone that little bit further and will on the 29th April, the same day the film is released nationwide, also show it online for the deaf and hard of hearing. You will need to sign up with to watch the film for free. The agreement was made between the distribution company Movimento Films and Ente Nazionale Sordi , it will only be available on the night, I really hope this is only the beginning of many films to be shown. Good on them is all I have to say, a big step forward in a country where all foreign films is dubbed, leaving the deaf and hard of hearing with little choise at the Cinema.

Online Italian Films and they are legal


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