Monica Bellucci as Oriana Fallaci, in Andrzej Wajda new film ?

by Marianne Wi
The Polish director Andrzej Wajda, who has an Honorary Oscar is in the process of setting up his next project about Lech Walesa, the Polish Solidarity leader who was the recipient of The Nobel Peace Price in 1983.
Wajda is considering Italian actress Monica Bellucci for the role of Oriana Fallaci, a tough lady born in Florence in 1929, she dies in September 2006 having smoked herself to death. Fallaci was a Journalist and wrote a number of books, she was however most famous for her political interviews, a tough cookie by todays standards. Political figures interviewed by Fallaci were among others Alexandros Panagoulis a Greek resistance fighter, she claimed he was assassinated by the Junta. Henry Kissinger who described himself as a Cowboy during an interview about the Vietnam war, came of a lot worse and later said about the Interview and I quote “the single most disastrous conversation I have ever had with any member of the press.” Ayatollah Khomeini was also interviewed in 1979, she called him a tyrant and complained bitterly about being forced to wear a “Chador” to see him.
Does this sound like a role for Monica Bellucci ?
I hope Wajda is leaving the casting to a strong sensible Polish woman, who at least will impose a ban on Botox and Wrinkle-fillers, skin peels and SmartLipo a few months before the actual filming or insist on a latex face mask.
Bellucci has just returned after filming her part in “E” directed Bahman Ghobadi it is a film set in Iran, it tells of a beautiful love story with a dash of Iranian realty added.

4 Comments to “Monica Bellucci as Oriana Fallaci, in Andrzej Wajda new film ?”

  1. Bellucci is really not up to playing such a multifaceted character. Oriana Fallaci is one of the few top political journalist ever !

  2. Oriana Fallaci deserves an actress of a higher caliber, not Bellucci , who is just known for showing her naked body and face in movies. Bellucci is also not fit for this job, because she does not represent the integrity, character and personal strength of miss Fallaci and worst of all ,bellucci was one of the first ones to sing a petition to prevent the extradition for convicted rapist and pedophile roman polansky . She also made recently some comments on how she does not mind her husband cheating on her, i find that not only stupid , but also demeaning for all women!!

    • I just wish she would give fillers and Botox a rest, you are right though I hope he sees sense and find someone with more experiance and one whos face can actually move.

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