Passionate Easter Feast at the Italian Cinema?

by Marianne Wi

Passionate Easter Feast at the Italian Cinema? You would think so people having 4 to 5 days off however the real whooper is the week after. I am over excited “again” as I can only be in one place at a time and only within the frame-work of the 534 to Aci Trezza, meaning 1 film per day is a max. PrimoCiak is planning ahead, being nice even a wee bit too nice to some folk, snuggling up is not an easy option. “Friends with benefits” does it make you a BAD person if you buy into that? I agree but I think you will understand that formulating and experimenting with a few white lies especially created for the weekend commencing the 29th April 2011 cannot be that bad ?

The Italian goodies coming out on Friday the 29th April 2011 are:

I think you will agree that if you were a shark, this could turn into a feeding frenzy. My love for the good people of is second to non, they have cheered me up when films were whisked by Sicily only to be released on the main land that is Italy, their wonderful GRATIS viewings are priceless. They are not letting me down now neither  Diciottanni – Il mondo ai miei piedi, Eighteen – The World at my Feet was shown online last night, Il Sesso Aggiunto, Added Sex will be shown on the 26th April Whoop Whoop and last but by no means least Notizie degli scavi, News of the excavations will be shown on the 28th April 2011.
That leaves I Baci mai dati, The Kisses Never Given filmed in Catania and Malavoglia filmed in parts in Aci Castello, surely one could see two films in one day ? “Festive” days PrimoCiak ? A bus every two hours…………. PrimoCiak will walk, what is 13 KM among friends .

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