Diciottanni – Il mondo ai miei piedi, 18 Years – The World at my Feet

by Marianne Wi

Director: Elisabetta Rocchetti, directed and wrote the screenplay for this her first feature, sadly she also gave herself a starring role, I say sadly as Rocchetti’s face seem frozen by fillers and Botox, apart from her lips that appear to have done major battle with a beehive. IMDB and Mymovies have her birthday on the 21.05.1970, where as her official fan page has it as 25.05.1975. I remember her from L’imbalsmatore, The Embalmer 2001 and Piano 17, The 17th Floor 2005, Rocchetti managed to act in both of these films without moving an eyebrow, a shame as it detracts from the film.

We follow a young man Ludovico, who finds himself attracted to a number of much older lady’s all of whom have faces very much frozen in time, only Luisa (Rosa Pianeta) the mother of one of his school friends could act, the look of disbelief when Ludovico fell into her bed was adorable and charming, followed with the inevitable sadness as he left her untouched, she was great.

Cast :  Marco Rulli, Marco Iannitello, Elisabetta Rocchetti, Alessia Barela, Nina Torresi, G.Max, Rosa Pianeta, Monica Cervini

Synopsis : Ludovico (Marco Rulli) was raised by his uncle Luciano (G. Max) who is a drug addict, with low moral values to pass on this is nephew, who was orphaned at the tender age of ten. Ludovico has reached 18 

years of age and is searching for that unconditional love he never received from his mother, can it be achieved by having sex with mature women? Ludevico is up for a bit of research. Luca (Marco Iannitello) is a close friend whose mother teaches both of them Literature, Ludovico tried her out but did not find what he was looking for, sex with your best friends mother should carry a warning. Onwards and upwards Ludovico has a relationship with his uncles lover Giulia (Elisabetta Rocchetti) it can only lead to trouble and it does. Adolescence, raving hormones, mood swings and a big existential question was promised, sadly Marco Rulli did not deliver any of those, a passionless performance. The film is out in Italy on the 29th April 2011


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