Se sei cosi ti dico si, If You are like That, I say Yes (poss. English title)

by Marianne Wi

There are no reason to believe this film will get any International interest, however I have said that before and found that the film went on to have great success at International Film Festivals.

Director : Eugenio Cappuccio has acted, written screenplays and already directed a number of films : Volevo solo dormirele addosso 2004  shown in San Francisco in 2005, there are no sign of an English title though and I think “I only wanted to sleep on top of her” directly translated sounds like an unlikely title – Uno su due , One Out of  Two 2007 .

Cast : Emilio Solfrizzi, Belen Rodriquez, Iaia Forte, Roberto de Francesco, Toto Onis, Salvatore Marino, Pinuccio Sinisi, Eleonora Albrecht, Manuele Morabito, Francesca Faiella, Azzurra Martino

Synobsis :  Lets set the scene then for this light comedy, we find Piero Cicala (Emilio Solfrizzi) who was a one hit wonder in the 80s with the song  “Io, te e il mare ” ” Me you and the Sea” , it sold millions and he had a tasted fame. Cicala lives in a small village in Puglia and spends his time as a waiter in a restaurant named King Octopus owned by his now ex-wife Marta (Iaia Forte), often hanging out with his close friend Gianni (Toto Onnis) a Barber who was a musician, now often found speaking to the octopus, odd I think you will agree but we all remember the very clever Spanish Octopus Paul, who correctly predicted the results of 7 World Cup Football matches last year, so who are we to snicker.

Out of the blue arrive Emissario (Fabrizio Buompastore) with a proposal to participate in a TV show called “The Best Years”  at first reluctant, should he or should he not ? Cicala relents in the end lured by the smell of fame and the prommise of a visit to Rome entices him into action. In the Hotel Cicala meets the world famous Cortes Talita (Belen Rodreques) who is in Rome launching a new product, the eyes of the world is on her and for reasons not known her eyes are on Cicala, well perhaps too many alcoholic drinks was to blame.

Talita declares to the world press that Cicala is her new boyfriend and they take off in a private jet heading to the US of A, where his singing unlike at home is greeted with great enthusiasm.

The film is very well shot, worth watching just for that reason alone and it is a nice enough watch on a rainy afternoon, Belen; I wish to God her forehead would move so that her painted on eyebrows looked less fake, we need a law banning Botox and acting ever being shown on the same screen.


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