Basilicata coast to coast

by Marianne Wi

Basilicata coast to coast, was released in Italy April 2010, it is very much a Musical Comedy nothing really to blog home about, I never imagined it would travel Internationaly. Well, it keeps hitting on the International/Italian Film Festivals around the world and now for no good reason at all it has been nominated for 6 David di Donatello 2011 awards, the nominations are as followes : Best Film – Best Director (Newcomer) Rocco Papaleo – Best Screenplay, Rocco Papaleo e Valter Lupo – Best Supporting Actress Claudia Potenza – Best Mucial Score Rita Marcotulli and Rocco Papale wishing everyone Gods speed and good luck.

It is a great advert and excellent publicity for Basilicata a region in southern Italy not often mentioned anywhere. The film starts with “Do you believe in Basilicata”  as in has anyone heard of it, well after this you will know it all. The film is a panoramic feast of southern Italy that goes beyond the usual tourist tracks it is a ” Must See” for that reason alone, everyone should visit more than once. Then of course we have Piatti Tipici, do not get me started on those, you never feel like you have been taken for a guided tour though, that is impressive. Music too is in abundance, if you like Jazz, Swing and a bit of the other you will be loving this germ, written specifically for the backdrop of Basilicata’s canyons, dirt roads and barren landscape.

Director : Rocco Papaleo, it is his first feature as a Director, he is well known in Italy as an actor having precipitated in 44 films, he is as I mentioned up for Best Newcomer as a director, so the board of David di Donatella liked what they saw.

Cast : Alessandro Gassman, Paolo Briguglia, Max Gazze, Rocco Papaleo, Giovanni Mezzogiorno, Claudia Potenza, Michela Andreozzi,Antonio Gerardi.


Synopsis : We follow a group of four musicians, on route to a Music Festival on the eastern coast of Basilicata, it could be reached by car in 2 hours however it is decided to use this trip as an opportunity for male bonding and an exercise for the group in economic restraint. They are joint by a sour and unpleasant journalist (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) whose job it is to chronicle this anachronism. They set off with a horse and cart full of their instruments, leaving behind all mod cons. There are many funny encounters with the locals on the way, never patronizing I am glad to say and we are treated to a budding romance too along the road. Is there such a thing as a “Musical Road Movie” ? Well there is now and having just seen it again, I am loving it just that little bit more.
Shame that the forehead  of Giovanni Mezzogiorno never seem to move, Botox a step too far.

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