Dallas International Film Festival DIFF

by Marianne Wi

Dallas International Film Festival 2011 opens its doors on the 31st March 2011 and shut up shop on the 10th April 2011.

It is a clear “NUL POINT” to Dallas, not a single solitary Italian Film not one……I feel ashamed for you Dallas.

Update 31.03.11 by PrimoCiak: Please read the comment from Dallas International Film Festival, PrimoCiak was too quick in the uptake. Why not have a look at their programme if you are anywhere near Dallas, just follow the link above for a full breakdown of films….


2 Comments to “Dallas International Film Festival DIFF”

  1. Dallas Film Society receives thousands of entries each year.It is a grueling task reviewing all those films and yet they manage to select an incredible lineup based on criteria of the highest standards. Perhaps then, there are other reasons why an Italian film was not chosen for the festival, or it could even be that one was never submitted. Before you pass judgement please talk to the programmers and get the truth not just conjecture.

    • Hi Michael,

      Point taken, you have my sincere apologies, you happened to be the first festival I looked at yesterday without Italian entries, you were followed by San Francisco, Hawaii, RiverRun, Sonoma and Arizona International Film Festivals who also had no Italian Films ( I went on about that in the Wisconsin write up)…………so you are telling me that Le Quattro Volte, The Four Times did not send their film to you ?

      Again, please accept my apologies, I shall in future ask the Festival “why” they have no Italian films and at least give them 48 hours to report back, is that fair ?

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