Sotto Il Vestito Niente – L’ultima Sfilata (Nothing under the dress – The Last Parade) Possible English Title

by Marianne Wi

Is it a thriller or a re-make of Detective Columbo Italian style ? I do not care, I am just so chuffed no actually I am “sotto shock” as they say; I can report that there was nothing funny or comic about this film, I even did one small involuntary jump in my seat at the sight of a spade….. Oh yes, this is a thriller. Shot in Milan where we mingled with the beautiful people nothing Prêt-à-Porter about this film all very much Huit Couture, well made with a solid storyline, great music and Richard E Grant, what more can you ask for?

Director: Carlo Vanzina has produced many film in Italy often comedy , few have made it abroad, I think this might with a shorter title.

Cast : Vanessa Hessler, Francesco Montanari, Richard E Grant, Giselda Volodi, Virginie Marsan, Paolo Seganti,  Claudine Wilde, Ernesto Mahieux, Mario Cordova, Alexandra Doetch, Vincenzo Zmapa

Synobsis : We have our scruffy detective with his equally scruffy side kick looking for a murderer, well actually more of a serial killer. We have 2 murders staged as suicide, a murder staged as a car accident and a throat cut murder, we have a knickers thief and a gay three way (not literally that would get this film banned). We have posh parties, we have drugs and lots of Champagne , fabulous clothing and beautiful people and a faithful husband too….. NICE ! The story line moves along nicely, I worked out the killer before the intervallo, perhaps too much time watching US crime series. Please give the lovely Francesco Montanari his own series and let him keep his sidekick too.


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