Le stelle inquiete, The Troubled Star

by Marianne Wi

This film was released in Italy last week, except for Sicily. I do not know why, I do know it is not the first time I have expected a film to be released only to find it is not for Sicilian habitants. Thanks to mymovies.it I was able to see it last night online Whoop Whoop !

Director: Emanuela Piovano is little known in Italy, I have not seen her work before, she did direct Amorfu in 2003, which screened in France and the Czech Republic. I really enjoyed this film and hope it will do well once it hit the Festival Scene.

Cast: Lara Guirao, Fabrizio Rizzolo, Isabella Tabarini, Marc Perrone, Luigi Liprandi and Danili Bertazzi

Synopsis: The film is based on the famous French philosopher Simone Weil (2nd February 1909 to 24th August 1943) during a period in 1941, where a fragile Weil (Lara Guirao) spends the summer months in France on a vineyard, owned by Gustave Thibon and his wife Yvette. Weil was born to Jewish parents and spent most of her short life in pursuit of knowledge, she was politically active, studied mysticism and many of her works were published posthumously.

Weil did not look for love and never married however during this summer break in France the high intellect and political activist Simone meets Gustav the landowner, who see nothing wrong in owning land and employing staff. We follow the relationship build  between those 3 characters. I enjoyed every minute of this film, the scene where Yvette finds Gustav with his hands on Simone’s note-book, is particular touching.  Simone in one scene is taken aback by the relationship between the workers and landowner, they appear so happy in this unequal relationship, she writes a note “When there’s a relationship there’s acceptance of one’s misfortune and the luck of others” Gustav become fascinated and intrigued by Simone and desires a physical relationship. Yvette as so many wifes before her can only stand by watching hopelessly.

Great acting and cinematography not forgetting some beautiful shots of the countryside (Italy actually) the film was light and so very enjoyable, do go and see it.

T.S. Eliot described Simone Weil as “a woman of genius, of a kind of genius akin to that of the saints.”  she passed away in Ashford, England after contracting tuberculosis, combined with starvation. I would very much like to see a film of her life story, Bernardo Bertolucci, think about it please



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