Le stelle inquiete, The Troubled Star can be seen in Sicily !

by Marianne Wi

PrimoCiak was very excited last Friday by the prospect of seeing the above Drama; released nationwide on the 11th March 2011, except ………….in Sicily ! Why not I ask, I know we are still showing a Xmas film  ” Bande di Natale, The Xmas Gang”  in one cinema but seriously, we are quite interested in Drama too.

It is not the first time I have had my hopes for a good drama or thriller dashed on a Friday morning in the past 12 months, so imagine if you can the exuberance cry of joy escaping from my balcony just now, when mymovies.it announced today that they will be screening it online on the 17th of March 2011.

I am sending as always love to the good people of mymovies.it and assure them that I am not a stalker, just an Italian film fanatic desperately seeking something other than comedy. I think I have a great connection although spiritually with the folk of mymovies.it as just ten minutes later they announced that I could also see  “Il resto di niente, The Remains of Nothing” directed by Antonietta De Lillo another drama (from 2004 ?)  now they are seriously spoiling me.


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