Michele Placido and Bettino Craxi.

by Marianne Wi

In an interview recently Michele Placido expressed his wish to direct a film about the infamous Prime Minister of Italy Bettino Craxi, it would appear that the screenplay is in place and that Placido has already sought support from Craxis daughter Stefania. Who you ask would he want to play this statesman, non other than Luca Zingaretti , could be another Il Divo if you ask me.

Bettino Craxi died in hiding in Hammamet in Tunisia 2000 under the protection of Ben Ali the Tunisian dictator now also on the run from justice. He was perhaps not as corrupt as Silvio Berlusconi is today but he was at least convicted.

Craxi is famous for defending the taking of bribes during his reign as Prime Minister by declaring that as everyone took them it was justifiable. On Craxis tomb is written La mia libertà equivale alla mia vita (“My freedom is my life”). Why do a film on Craxi when we have Berlusconi so much more interesting , don’t you think  ?



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