La vita facile, An easy life goes Botox Free !

by Marianne Wi

This film is not a comedy as advertised, it is really more of a Romance, something that always lightens my mood on a cold winter afternoon. This is a film about friendship, betrayal, greed, the Italian speaking part of Africa and a confirmation of the old saying  “Three is a crowed”.

What really struck me throughout the film was the lack of Botox used by the  actors, Victoria Puccini has lines on her forehead and when she laughs her face creases, if I was a song writer I would be composing an ode to the lady right now. Both Accorsi and Favio looks weather-beaten and all three look their age, worth seeing the film just for that reason alone. We are treated to great cinematography, wonderful panoramic views of Kenya and some very interesting camera angles too. There has been in Italy a small storm blowing over the possible affair between Stefano Accorsi and Vittoria Puccini, I am hoping it is a stunt to raise publicity for the film.

Director: Lucio Pellegrini also directed Figli delle stelle ( not released outside Italy) and Ora o mai piu, Now or Never , the latter did the International Film Festival Trail back in 2003/2004.

Cast : Stefano Accorsi, Pierfrancesco Favio, Camilla Flippi, Djibril Kebe, Ivano Marescotti, Eliana Meglio, Vittoria Puccini, Angelo Orlando

Synobsis : Mario (Accorsi) is a doctor who left Rome 9 years earlier to set up a hospital and the “Italy for Africa” project in Kenya. Luca (Flavino) also a doctor however in a private clinic in Rome is rich, obnoxious , and a racist who as it turns out later also has a criminal mind. Ginevra (Puccini) is married to Luca, she is a fitness fanatic, a marathon runner if I ever saw one and not much else..

Luca decides to take time of to work with Mario in Africa, where he is followed by his wife shortly afterwards. They were friends a decade earlier and had been involved in a car accident that left Luca in a coma, leaving Mario free to have an affair with Ginevra, the reason Mario left for Africa in the first place. I think that is our setup in a nutshell. As we see the plot unfold we are treated to twists and turns although sadly no snake incident, we have great looking African kids, some stunning views of the African landscape and a possible insight into life in a small african hospital run by Italians. I did not enjoy the last 15 minutes and saw no reason for this final twist,  nothing in Mario’s makeup prepared me for this sudden unexplained flaw, I felt let down by the ending although I did fall a little bit for Luca in the end, I am glad the screenwriters did not destroy that for me.


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