Colin Firth , The King’s Speech, Does it in Italian !

by Marianne Wi

I am as always trying to find the Italian aspect of a winner, Colin Firth is not Italian however he has been married to the Italian film producer Livia Giuggioli since 1997 , with whom he has 2 children. Livia Giuggioli has been known to be on the run from the Fashion Police, her dress sense is something else and could easily be compared to that of  Nancy d’allio .OK, not really that interesting so have a look at this video from the Oscar night and his red carpet performance . Colin Firth was confronted  by Italy’s Sky News interviewer,  this will surely make your day. I keep asking myself ” Is there no end to this Golden Goose and his talent” ? I think once you have seen this Video you will agree that the answer is NO !


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