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Wisconsin Film Festival WFF

by Marianne Wi

Woooooher, Wisconsin Film Festival 2011 will be showing 4 Italian Films, please can we all rejoice together as neither San Fransisco, Dallas, Hawaii, RiverRun, Sonoma and Arizona International Film Festivals were able to find just one single Italian film this year, I think we need to go all out for Wisconsin lets sing a song, try a small tribal dance, anything to show some appreciation for our friends in Wisconsin. I was not really sure where this state was either so you now have a link to knowledge too, go explore.

They have found 4 Italian films to show during their festival, of course,  we have the Le Quattro Volte, The Four Times my life would not be the same if that was not included 2 x Hip Hip Hurrahs for the director Michelangelo Frammartino, who must be having the time of his life, not only does Le Quattro Volte get to appear in nearly all International Film Festivals, it wins prices and awards too, top film….. OK, I did not like it I was ever so bored I was wrong, as it has been applauded everywhere so go form your own opinion, do not huff like that in my direction, I am human and I have failed you all with respect to this film……. DARN.

Also shown are:

Mine Vagante Directed by Ferzan Ozpetek

Le Amiche  Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

The Perfect Team Directed by Michael Rogosin a documentary co produced between Italy, France and the USA.



Dallas International Film Festival DIFF

by Marianne Wi

Dallas International Film Festival 2011 opens its doors on the 31st March 2011 and shut up shop on the 10th April 2011.

It is a clear “NUL POINT” to Dallas, not a single solitary Italian Film not one……I feel ashamed for you Dallas.

Update 31.03.11 by PrimoCiak: Please read the comment from Dallas International Film Festival, PrimoCiak was too quick in the uptake. Why not have a look at their programme if you are anywhere near Dallas, just follow the link above for a full breakdown of films….


George Clooney and Silvio Berlusconi together in court ?

by Marianne Wi

Gerorge Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis both possible witnesses for the defence in the up and coming trail of our much-loved and admired Italian Prime Minister Silvio Bercusconi on the 6th April 2011.  Berlusconi is about to stand trail for among other things underaged sex, keeping prostitutes, tax fraud, abuse of power and oh yes preventing the course of justice , where is the list….., just the tip of the iceberg.

It would appear that an A list of Celebes have been rubbing shoulders (I hope that is all that was being rubbed) with the high society of Italian stars and politicians. According to Indian Express there is a list of 78 possible witnesses including football hero Cristiano Ronaldo and other top personalities such as Belen Rodriguez and the Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini currently in London holding meetings concerning Libya. They might be called on to support Berlusconi, God knows he needs it.

Clooney claims to have met Berlusconi only once when fundraising for Darfur, uhmmm yes the fundraising for Dafur, what would our Moroccan prostitute be doing at the fundraiser? It was she who reported Clooneys presence at the Bunga Bunga Party at Berlusconi’s villa in Arcore a suggested scene for orgies and strip-shows, a confidential villa where High Society meets the less fortunate Low Society. Ruby the Heartbreaker, who was allegedly paid for sex with Berlusconi at 17, a claim she has denied very publicly recently in an interview with CHI Magazine (owned by Berlusconi) and in a TV interview with Mediaset (owned by Berlusconi) is selling her stories making a mint, you go girl. When Ruby found herself arrested in Milan for theft last year she was released immediately without charge after a personal phone call from Berlusconi 😉 you could not make it up, the man is arrogant and deluded, he did not even use an aid to call the police.

It is worth mentioning that Berlusconi is loved and adored in Italy and here no one really cares about his crimes as long as tax is kept low and the inheritance tax even lower, also Italians can quite happily go to Mass daily proclaiming their support of family values, honesty, high morales and the ten commandments, yet have no qualms at all voting for Berlusconi, money wins hands down over morals every time.

Grrrrrrrrr my soapbox is shaking my heartbeat is raising, it is time to up the medication, Berlusconi does this to me every time……..

UP DATED  1st April 2011

An update from Gossip (Italian online Newspaper) Elisabetta Canalis has come out fighting side by side with her Lawyer Michele Sterbini clarifying her involvement with Berlusconi and Ruby the Heartbreaker, stating that she never had dinner at the Villa in Arcore and may sue anyone saying otherwise . Any defamatory information or news published will not be accepted and will be dealt with accordingly. Proceedings against Berlusconi is still set to go ahead on the 6th April 2011, will George Clooney and/or Elizabetta Canalis be called to his defence, we must wait and see.


Giovanni Nannini has died aged 90.

by Marianne Wi
Giovanni Nannini passed away on Saturday night in Florence at the age of 90. His first love was the Theatre for which he is best know here in Italy. Nannini appeared in minor film roles first in the film Toto cerca pace, Toto is looking for Peace directed by Mario Mattoli back in 1954 and he was still making films in 2009 where he appeared in Piove sul bagnato directed by Andrea Muzzi and Bruno Andrea Savilli . His most succesful  film was no doubt Tea with Mussolini, Un te con Mussolini directed by Franco Zeffirelli in 1999, where he played the part of  Sacristan.

Sotto Il Vestito Niente – L’ultima Sfilata (Nothing under the dress – The Last Parade) Possible English Title

by Marianne Wi

Is it a thriller or a re-make of Detective Columbo Italian style ? I do not care, I am just so chuffed no actually I am “sotto shock” as they say; I can report that there was nothing funny or comic about this film, I even did one small involuntary jump in my seat at the sight of a spade….. Oh yes, this is a thriller. Shot in Milan where we mingled with the beautiful people nothing Prêt-à-Porter about this film all very much Huit Couture, well made with a solid storyline, great music and Richard E Grant, what more can you ask for?

Director: Carlo Vanzina has produced many film in Italy often comedy , few have made it abroad, I think this might with a shorter title.

Cast : Vanessa Hessler, Francesco Montanari, Richard E Grant, Giselda Volodi, Virginie Marsan, Paolo Seganti,  Claudine Wilde, Ernesto Mahieux, Mario Cordova, Alexandra Doetch, Vincenzo Zmapa

Synobsis : We have our scruffy detective with his equally scruffy side kick looking for a murderer, well actually more of a serial killer. We have 2 murders staged as suicide, a murder staged as a car accident and a throat cut murder, we have a knickers thief and a gay three way (not literally that would get this film banned). We have posh parties, we have drugs and lots of Champagne , fabulous clothing and beautiful people and a faithful husband too….. NICE ! The story line moves along nicely, I worked out the killer before the intervallo, perhaps too much time watching US crime series. Please give the lovely Francesco Montanari his own series and let him keep his sidekick too.


Sicilian Film Festival Miami SFF

by Marianne Wi

For the 6th year running Sicily hits on Miami with a small but perfectly formed Film Festival. I am so please when a Sicilian films makes it to the mainland of Italy, imagine if you can the excitement I am feeling knowing that a great number of films have left the Island and will be shown in the US of A. The Sicilian Film Fest Miami Beach kicks off on the 7th April and rolls along until 13th April 2011, it will show only Sicilian films. Do Sicily have a film industry ? Well of course we do it is just near impossible to get to see any as they sadly miss out on distribution, often only making it to International Film Festivals outside Italy, we should all feel shame.

The Film Fest has already announced its winner of this years Life Time Achievements Award 2011……. who ? non other that the beautiful Claudia Cardinale, you will know her from such films as : 8 1/2 , Rocco and his Brothers, The Leopard, The Pink Panther and many others, the lady has appeared in 107 films all in all, most resently filming the “Guardian of Harem” directed by Fabien Pruvot it is still in pre-production, great lady and still going strong at age 72.

There is a photo exhibition by Roberto Granata, a Sicilian photographer in Hollywood showing portraits of movie stars. The photos will be for sale with a silent auction in favor of  Roberto Granata Foundation benefitting children displaced by earthquake tragedies worldwide, make sure Sicilian generosity is on display.

The films shown this year are :

L’imbroglio del lenzuolo, The Trick In The Sheet directed by Alfonso Arau.

From Beginning To End by Aluisio Abranches (I am desperatly looking for the Sicilian angle to this film uhmmmmmm according to IMDB  it is Brazilian uhmmm x 2)

There is a tribute to Beppe Fiorello during the Festival in Miami, where he will receive a special price at the Fundraising Dinner on the 13th April, I am guessing he will be attending so do not miss out, get out there waving the Tricolore, he really is one of Italys best male actors, who gets little to no reconition at home, I am warming to this Sicilian Festival, in his honor you can see:

The Legend Of The Bandit And The Champion, La leggenda del bandito e del campione 1st and 2nd episode spread over two nights directed by Lodovico Gasparini and The Draw , Il sorteggio directed by Giacomo Campiotti.

Viola di Mare, The Sea Purple dirtected by Donatella Maiorca.

Father directed by Pasquale Squitieri is a thriller and a  2011 production, it has not been released in Italy Uffa. People of Miami do go and see this and report back, please. Pasquale Squitieri is the long term partner of  Claudia Cardinale, they also have a daughter together, just in case you were wondering.

Man of Glass, L’uomo di vetro directed by Stefano Incerti.

Baaria directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

The Vanishing Of Pato, La scomparsa di Pato directed by  Rocco Mortelliti.

Save Me by  Robert Cary Uhmmm what makes this a Sicilian Film ?

For the foodies among you there are two feasts ready to make your mouth water:

The Taste Of Sicilian Cinema From The Leopard To Baaria.

The Taste of Sicilian Cuisine with original recipes from the movies.

There are shorts and documentarys too, do not miss them:

The Wedding, Il matrimonio directed by  Tilde Di Dio

Rita directed by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza

The Tomato,Il pomodoro directed by Alessio Angelico

Siracusa And Her Province, Siracusa:dai beni e giacimenti culturali alla produzione di eccellenza directed by Province of Siracus

Return To The Aeolian Islands, Fughe e approdi directed by Giovanna Taviani

Sicily For Africa, Un cuore per Ipogolo directed by Roberto Damiata

From The Ducrot Factory To The School Of Cinema, Dalle Officine Ducrot alla Scuola di Cinema directed by Luigi Valenti

UPDATE 29th March 2011:

Just a quick up-date from PrimoCiak, I had a note from the SFF concerning the two non Sicilian Films and I quote:

“There is no direct relationship between the Queer films and Sicily, but Queer Frame/Atlantide based in Italy has collaborated with the SFF for the past few years and the extra films (no matter what the language it is) add an interesting element to the festival and very appealing for Miami Beach residents and visitors”

I think we all agree that “sharing is caring” so anyone providing help to spread the news about Sicilian Films are welcome…..

People of Miami it is time to book those tickets, make it a sell out and do remember to dress appropriately.

  • Rule 1 No grey socks and brown sandals
  • Rule 2 No shorts and flip-flops
  • Rule 3 You do not mix pink and pale blue; this is not a year for pastels
  • Rule 4 Do not marinade in your favourite perfume or after-shave
  • Rule 5 Switch of the mobile, I know…non of you are that important that you cannot live for 2 hours without               it…Yes Roberto you to0 
  • Rule 6 If you have a bad cold and a runny nose, why not give your ticket to a friend

Appreciate your chance to see films that us poor habitants of Sicily might never see.

The Sicilian Film Festival Maimi is also on Facebook, why not become a fan ?


Italian Film Festival Scotland kicking off on the 1st April 2011

by Marianne Wi

Italian Film Festival Scotland is kicking off on the 1st April 2011 and will show some very exciting Italian Films until the 14th April 2011.  The Festival is as always distributed over 3 hotspots namely Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, it is perfectly acceptable to turn up in all 3 Cities, do try however to sport new designer gear at each location, remember you are representing “La Bella Figura”, go easy on the “Tricolore” it can be perceived as tacky even if produced by The House of  Armani !

Lots of changes have appeared during this years Festival, it used to be run in conjunction with the Italian FIlm Festival London (re-named and now known as ” Italian Cinema London ” reasons are still unexplained although one could guess at internal politics and or inflated egos)

The programme is interesting without any great surprises, The Four Times, Le quattro volte, what is it about this film ? I found it so very boring, the goat was not even the same throughout, and I am flabbergasted that this slooooooow film showing goats and a Sheppard appears at every Italian and International Film Festival winning prices and awards too, WHY ? That said it is Italian and I am very pleased for Michelangelo Frammartino .

Films at this years festival are:

The Girl by the Lake, La ragazza del Lago directed by Andrea Molaioli

A Quiet Life, Una vita tranquilla directed by Claudio Cuppelini

One Man Up, L’uomo in piu directed by Paolo Sorrentino

The Double Hour, La doppia ore directed by Giuseppe Capotondi

The First Beautiful Thing, La prima cosa bella directed by Paolo Virzi

The Four Times, Le Quattro volte directed by Michelangelo Frammartino

Kiss Me Again, Baciami ancore directed by Silvio Muccino

Passione directed by John Turturro

The Passion, La Passione directed by Carlo Mazzacurati

The Sicilian Girl, La siciliana ribelle directed by Marco Amenta

We Can do That, Si puo fare directed by Giulio Manfredonia

What a Beautiful Day, Che Bella giornata directed by Gennaro Nunziate

General Della Rovere, Il generale della Rover directed by Roberto Rossellini

The Girlfriends, Le Amiche directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

I think you will agree  this is good entertainment all round, so get yourself organised and lets hear it for Italy.






Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci, the news you did not want to hear.

by Marianne Wi

News from Diva & Donna issue 11 dated 22..03.11

I am knocked for six, as they say. What is it pray tell about celebrities and Rome, is it something in the water, do they not know that the Paparazzi is around looking to do a grainy shot of them kissing on the mouth ? Here of course anything else would be considered common curtsy .

Is it Riccardo Scamacio and someone ? Alessandra Preziosi and someone ? Victoria Puccini ? No, this time it is our charismatic actor Daniele Pecci, who “might” (they could have split amicably a month ago, without telling the world press) be cheating on good old Michelle Hunziker. Yep, there are photos and they are not pegging,  this is full on mouth to mouth…. eyes closed, incriminating I think you will agree, however in some families that is normal too, so lets not be too judgemental folks. It is again our trusted friends from “Diva and Donne” who have got this major coup d’etat, good on them I say and lucky you that I am here to relay this exciting  information in English for you, don’t you thing ? I am taking out a subscription.

Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci had a quick fling back in 2007 and only just got back for another bite of the apple during the autumn of 2010  uhmmm

Good news is that there are no children involved and as they did not live together no dogs to fight over either, a great relief for everyone I am sure. Are they still together ? Well they might be there are no official statements as yet.

 Michelle Hunziker and Daniele Pecci it is all over   again 19.06.2011


Nessuno mi può giudicare, No One Can Judge Me (possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi

Sometimes a rainy afternoon in Catania can turn all sunny and warm, I had no plans to write about this romcom and no real urge to see it either but it was raining and I was cold…….What a pleasant surprise it was, nearly shed a tear too or was it just dust in the air?

Director : Massimiliano Bruno it is his first feature film as a director, you might know him from “Notte prima delle esami”, “The Night Before the Exams Today” a big box office success here in Italy and it hit some International Film Festivals too, Bruno did part of the screenplay for that. Worth noting that Nessuno mi puo giudicare, No One Can Judge Me took 3 million Euro in its first week here in Italy, well it is a comedy so I should not really be taken aback.

Cast :   Paola Cortellesi, Raoul Bova, Rocco Papaleo, Anna Foglietta, Giovanni Bruno, Hassani Shapi, Valerio Aprea, Pasquale Petrolo, Lucia Ocone,  Awa Ly

Best moment : Filippo (Giovanni Bruno) sitting on a table at night singing a love song sniffle sniffle.

Synopsis : Rich Italian family with a big house, swimming pool and servants in Parioli a posh part of Rome, enjoy a superficial life style that ends abruptly, when the husband is knocked down while driving his Vespa after seeing his mistress, leaving behind a mountain of debts.
Alice (Paola Cortellesi) must sell the house and find a new place for her and her son to live, enters the servant Aziz who finds cheap lodgings on top of a building in Quarticciolo a down-market area of Rome. Alice’s paths cross with Giulio’s (Raul Bova) outside the family home and later in his Internet Cafe and a romance is born, you need one to call it a romcon.
Alice needs to make money fast to pay of the husbands debts to keep her son. What better way than “The Worlds Oldest Profession”  an Escort, all in the best possible taste I might add as this is a family film.
There are no twists or turns, just a really well made film with no surprises,……. actually Fausto Leali appearing suddenly singing in the Internet cafe was a highlight and a surprise. There was a spring to my step when I left The Alfieri this evening.

Alessandro Preziosi, Vittoria Puccini latest update

by Marianne Wi

You could not make it up! Alessandro Preziosi and Vittoria Puccini have been seen together by the Paparazzi working for the Italian gossip magazine “Vero”, they looked relaxed and were both smiling, yes smiling , what about I want to know?. It is a relief to see them back on speaking terms as they have a 6 year old daughter to consider.

Are they back together again? Who knows and do we really care deep down? They were seen in Rome going into a shop and later up to “A Flat” their flat or someone elses is anyones guess. Vero was not very specific, I shall keep you updated for sure.

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