Online Italian Films and it’s legal

by Marianne Wi

I always get a little bit over excited, when finding films online that are free and legal, not for me the pirated stuff, something to be very proud of when you live in Italy where Music and Film DVD’s are sold openly from market stalls, even before the films  have hit the local Cinemas…

While allowing my beady eye to stray from the safety of Google search, I came across this online TV channel  currently showing numerous films directed by Mario Monicelli they are :

We hope it is female – Speriamo che sia femmina 1986,

Il male oscuro – A Man’s Blessing 1964,

Parenti serpenti – Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations  1992 ,

Panni sporchi – Dirty Linen 1999 ,

Facciamo paradiso – Looking for Paradise 1995,

I Picari 1988,

A great list I think you will agree, the first 15 to 18 minutes are free in form of a trailer before seeing the full film and parting with  EURO 2.99  per film, that is frankly on the expensive side and very much what I expect from Mediaset ( I wonder if there is a connection) the latter has been charging you to watch their repeats for years. I have a great personal fondness for RAI, surely one of the leading Channels when it comes to showing mainstream TV online, who will allow you access to many of the films, history, documentaries, music and news programmers once shown on terrestrial TV, even when OUT of Italy all for Free, yes Gratis chaps even when not in Italy, I so wish the BBC would follow their lead.

The address of this channel showing Mario Monicelli films is once online and on their site you will need to search for Mario Monicelli or clemitalia  (Click on the film or preview you want to see and remember to click on the green arrow too, staring wistfully at it will not do).

You can at the moment only pay by PayPal, easy enough to set up an account  if you do not have one and I understand that plans are in progress to make payment by SMS via your mobile.

Now here is the sad bit, you need to understand a reasonable amount of  Italian as there are no subtitles neither English or French , I know I was upset for you, these films have already been subtitled as Monicelli’s films have been shown abroad , so please slap some subtitles on for us , from a commercial point of view,  foreigners are more like to actually pay nearly 3 EUROs to see an Italian foreign language films, as we are not used to dubbing. In the  UK for example a DVD can set you back 15 to 20 GBP  for just one DVD so would become very popular both as a teaching tool and for recreational purposes everywhere …… good free advise, I think.

There are a number of other Italian channels on the site including sport and news so go and have a look, some programmes are free too. I also understand that clemItalian will show other films both new and old from their archives  sadly not for free, still a lot cheaper that actually renting or purchasing the DVD.


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