Habemus Papam, We have a Pope….. Directed by Nanni Moretti

by Marianne Wi

Habemus Papam, We have a Pope, due to be released here in Italy on the 15th April 2011 is the latest offering from Nanni Moretti. I am so looking forward to this release as I understand it to be a Drama in Moretti’s own words “Contains a painful core,but wrapped in a light tone”, that does not sound like comedy to me and I am very much on the look out for Italian Films without the usual mindless comedy thrown in.

Habemus Papam, We have a Pope, is the announcement made by the senior Cardinal on presentation to the people of a new Pope at Saint Peters Square once a new pontiff has been chosen.

We follow the newly elected pope played by the french actor Michel Piccoli he is beleaguered by self-doubt, depression, deep rooted fear of responsibility, he did not wish for the this  job, enter Moretti as his psychiatrist offering help and advise to this fragile man.

I am missing Silvio Orlando, who although perhaps a little too young to be a Cardinal should have had a role , I understand that the role played by Jerzy Stuhr the Polish actor/director and close friend of Moretti  got the part instead…….uhmmmm.

Parallels are of course already being drawn with Pope Benedict and his troubled papacy, overshadowed by pedophilia and the coverup, of which he appear to have been involved, rumbles on. Interesting to see how the Vatican will react to this film. The Sistine Chapel was recreated in Cinecitta, as Moretti was denied access to shoot in the Vatican, many scenes are shot in Palazzo Farnese currently housing the French Embassy, awesome building.

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