18 anni dopo, 18 Years Later

by Marianne Wi

18 anni dopo, 18 Years Later, is a charming Road movie well worth watching, when it appears at a festival near you , it is currently doing very well abroad and have been included in numerous International Film Festivals .It will be in competition in Fantasporto 2011 in Portugal later this month, together with Hayfever, Febbre da fieno. The film is another comedy , Italy is turning them out at the moment , I am on my knees praying that at least one thriller, Drama even a romantic film will emerge among this years offerings, without any trace of comedy

Director : Edorado Leo , is well known in his native Italy for his many roles in TV series as an actor, this is his second attempt at a feature film, it has as yet not been released nationwide so lets hope that the amount of attention it gets outside Italy will be enough to get it distributed here too.

Cast : Marco Bonini, Edorado Leo, Sabrina Impacciatore, Eugenia Costantini,Gabriele Ferzetti

Best moment :  The two brothers interaction with the local Calabrese is a joy to watch.

Synobsis : We follow two brothers on the road in a restored convertiable Morgan, traveling towards Calabria and theire dead fathers hometown, where they must deliver his ashes.

Genziano (Marco Bonini) and Mirko ( Edoardo Leo) have not spoken for 18 years after falling out over an incident involving their mother, Genziano went off to London, where he excelled and became a successful businessman, while Mirko remained working with his father’s car business.

We follow the pair as they drive towards Calabria ,often meeting up with a mysterious hitchhiker, the gorgeous and tallented Mirella ( Sabrina Impacciatore) who appear when least expected. The stunning landscape and great cinematography make this such an easy film to watch. Many secrets are reveled on rute and a touching final is awaiting you .


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