Febbre da fieno, Hayfever

by Marianne Wi

Director : Laura Luchetti , this is her first feature film and a great job she made of it too. An interesting fact about Luchetti is that she was back in 1999 the Production Secretary on Il Talento di Mr Riply also know as The Talented Mister Riply. I was not planning to blog this film as I did not actually think it would find its way unto the International Film Festival scene, I was wrong it is in competition at this years Fantasporto 2011 ( full programme will be published shortly ) in Oporto Portugal and also at the New Mexico Italian Film Festival in Albuquerque , great news for Luchetti , I think you will agree.

Best moment :  I just loved the tree scene, lovely romantic candles hanging from every branch not a single Health and Safety Officer in sight , how often lady’s and indeed  some of our more sensitive gentlemen have we  blamed hayfever ,when welling up unexpectantly in a romantic moment, ahhh yes those were the days.

I watched this film on Valentines day, so I am allowed to be a wee bit sentimental, it is very much a young , romantic movie , a girly afternoon at the cinema.

Cast : Amdrea Bosca, Cecilia Cinardi, Camilla Filippi, Diane Fleri, Giuseppe Gandini, Benjamino Marcone, Gabrielle Sangrigoli  and Giulia Michelini.

Synobsis : A group of teenagers in Rome, meets around a vintage shop named Twinkled , owned by Stephen who has two children and a wife who does not understand him , the shop brimming with nostalgic knickknacks is in trouble. We follow the trials and tribulations of this shop and each individuals story as it unfolds , romance , heartache, ex’s and blossoming relationships. A real feel-good movie, for when you get the urge.


3 Responses to “Febbre da fieno, Hayfever”

  1. could i purchase the movie hayfever? and if so how?
    not blueray
    thank you

  2. Hi Tom, I am sorry Febbre da fieno, Hayfever is has not been released on DVD, should be out May or June 2011. Kind regards


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