Gianni e le donne, The salt of life

by Marianne Wi

Ah, finally a comedy that does not make you want to run for the hills or rather escape into the chaos that is Catania on a Saturday night. If you loved Pranzo di farragosto, Mid August Lunch you will love this  feel good comedy, brilliantly directed by Gianni Di Gregorio ,who play the part of Gianni with that same ease and flair as he did  Gianni in Mid August Lunch. Valeria De Franciscis has returned to play his mother although in a different role all together, they really are an awesome combination.

Director : Gianni Di Gregorio, is known for his many screenplays and have only recently been seen on-screen himself. He was involved with Roberto Saviano in writing the screenplay for Gomorra , he wrote the screenplays, directed and also starred in  Mid August Lunch and The salt of life.

Best Moment : Any scenes with his mother are good moments, the relationship between the two is fabulous. Yoga scene, I know I am going to have a try tomorrow morning myself in front of the Faglioni.

Trailer : Yes I have added the trailer to this blog, it does not do this film justice in fact it makes it look like just another lightweight and mindless Italian comedy, trust me this film is much more than that. May the editor of this video be made to do penance for many hours.

Poster : Just ignore it is my advise !

Synopsis : Gianni a 60-year-old retired Roman, lives with his wife, daughter and her unemployed very lazy boyfriend in a  flat in Rome. Gianni has only recently retired and find himself helping his demanding mother, who lives on the other side of Rome, walking the neighbours dogs, doing odd jobs for anyone who asks, including taking orders from his wife.

One day Gianni’s friend Alfonso, boast about a recent sexual encounter and Gianni’s world begin to change as he realise that he is the only one without a bit on the side, even the old chap in the track suit at the Bar is at it; Gianni set about changing his life .

The scenes that follows are touching with great comic timing, it is hard not to love this wonderful warm often confused man (It helps not being married to Gianni) his dreams however strongly wished for, remain just that…. dreams, as we all know they do not always reach fulfilment. Gianni never let us lose the sense of familiar intimacy  during the film  a big factor in making  this and Mid August Lunch such a great success not only in Italy, it  is still appearing in Film Festivals around the world.


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