Into Paradiso

by Marianne Wi

Director Paola Randi first feature film, I was really looking forward to the viewing online with, nothing like watching a film with your feet up and a nice glass vino, in fact I was watching it with my friend Erica, who is in her 80s, it was her first virtual cinema experience, the menu was Lasagne (not lasagna, home-made of course) some local vine from a farm near Milo, all finished of with a freshly baked Marmortorte.

Yes, ok I am just chatting avoiding the inevitable but necessary write-up of the film. I am struggling to find anything to ooze about. The film started with so much promise, interesting subject, multi-ethnic cultures in Naples, comedy, drama, romance,  sadness YES I watched the trailer and that is what I expected .

Best Moment : Alfonso’s leaving the TV on during the day in front of the mothers photo, she had died some months earlier.

Worst moment : Scenes with very loud music, that would often drown the spoken word. The music was a big issue for me throughout as I found it very very irritating and very very inappropriate on many occasion, to the point where me and my friend took to our imaginary horses and started a pretend  gallop.

Cast :Gianfelice Imparato, Saman Anthony, Eloma Ran Janz, Giovanni Ferreri,Peppe Servillo.

Synopsis : Alfonso is a scientist, who has  lost his job and his mother in a short space of time, he is quiet and shy having spent most of his working life gazing at cells through a microscope and in the evenings watching soaps with his mother. His friend Giacinta a small time politician in Naples, drags him into the usual Gomorrah escapades. Arrives Gayan  a former Sri Lankan cricket champion, penniless as can only be expected, looking for milk and honey. They find themselves in a roof shack put up illegally on top of a building in the  city centre of Naples Sri Lankan district. I am weaving my right to remain silent now by claiming that anything else I say might have me accused of  Spoiler Alert infringements.

The film has received good reviews in Italy and a standing ovation at the 67th Venice Film Festival….I blame alcohol and/or drugs for such an uncalled behavior.

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