Ferzan Ozpetek , Aida

by Marianne Wi

When hearing the name Ferzan Ozpetek I immediately think of such charming films as :

Le fate Ignorante, The Ignorant Fairies. Il bagno Turco, Steam: The Turkish Bath. La finestra di Fronte, Facing the window and  Cuore Sacro, Sacred Heart and most recent and still doing well Mine Vagante, Loose  Cannons.

So hearing the news that  Ferzan Ozpetek was spending an excessive amount of time in Naples often at the Maggio Fiorentino Theatre tickled my curiosity ……I was not disappointed, is he producing a new film there ? No, Ozpetek is making his debut as a Director of the great opera  Aida Verdi’s masterpiece , it will open its doors on the  28th April 2011, there are still tickets if you are around that part of the world.

Singing the part of Aida will be  Hui He and Maria Jose  Siri, The king is sung by Roberto Tagliavini and  Amneris by Luciana D’Intino and Mariana Pentcheva. This is Ozpeteks first attempt at directing an opera and although I am wishing him well with this new venture ,I hope it will not be the end of his film making days.


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