Un altro mondo, Another World ( Possible English Title)

by Marianne Wi

Director : Silvio Muccino, this is his second film as a director, his first being Parlami d’amore, Talk to me about love released in  2008 a film that did very well in NZ  and the UK . I have no doubt that this film will have great success  at International Film Festivals.

Un altro Mondo, Another World does not disappoint it is light, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and in the end very emotional, not a dry eye in the cinema that night.   Charlie played by Michael Rainey Jr. is showing great promise as a first time actor, really looking forward to see him develop.

Cast : Silvio Muccino, Michael Rainey Jr, Isabella Ragonese,Maya Sansa, Greta Scacchi,Flavio Parenti

Best moment : Rollercoaster ride, great to se Charlie let go… as a matter of fact I do not think Muccino was acting either. The viwes in Africa were truly great.

Worst moment : After traveling on the bus in Nairobi all passengers leave the bus …..the bus depart with all their luggage still on top of it.

Synopsis :   Andrea played by Silvio Muccino is a 30 something wealthy middle-class professional lay about , leading a less than meaningful life in Rome with his bulimic girlfriend  Livia ( Isabella Ragonese  – another great performance ) financed by his icy cold detached mother. After receiving a letter from his father  ,with whom he has not had contact since he left him in a park age 3 , Andrea departs for Nairobi in search of the truth. The discovery of a half-brother leaves him perplexed and as his attempt to off load Charlie on his step-mothers family fails, he faces the problem of what to do with Charlie.

Andreas struggle in Rome trying to integrate Charlie into his previously very much routine driven life has many highs and lows, it can have but one ending so bring the kitchenroll and enjoy.


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