Et in Terra Pax, And Peace on Earch

by Marianne Wi

Directed by  Matteo Botrugno, Daniele Coluccini

Cast : Maurizio Tesei, Ughetta D’Onorascenzo, Michele Botrugno, Fabio Gomiero, Germano Gentile, Simone Crisari, Riccardo Flammini .

Official synopsis : On the distant outskirts of Rome, crime and drugs tie several parallel stories together which gradually become one. The exchange of a moped for a bit of cocaine brings the plot into focus. Once the main characters meet, they will leave a trail of blood, fire and violence behind them.

Again sadly another film that is doing the rounds of International Film Festivals abroad, while still waiting for a release date  nationally here in Italy. It is tough being an Independent filmmaker,very tough sorry I keep repeating myself while I huff and I puff over missing such interesting films.



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