by Marianne Wi

Pietro directed by Daniele Gaglianone was released in Italy in August ,however it does not appear to have been shown nationwide alas.

Cast : Pietro Casalla, Franscesco Lattarulo,Fabrizio Nicastro,Giuseppe Sanna

Synopsis and review all in one :

Pietro’ is a brilliant tour-de-force by actor Pietro Casella according the skillful and raw plot and direction of director Daniele Granaglione. This desperate, miserable story really makes you touch and somehow feel empathy with the kind characters you usually read in the crime news. Pietro is a boy with a light handicap, whose life is subdued to the addiction of the brother and his problems with drug dealers and street gangsters. He trays to work a straight life of impossible dignity, inhibited more by a sad social role of clown for the brother and friends than by the hard, demeaning work or few perspectives of better life. The performances of the actors are the main thing; details as score and soundtrack sometimes in my opinion border on the Great Cinema, while the desperate story follows a somehow preventable dramatic path. This fine movie deserved a bigger notion at Locarno 2010 Film Festival for sure. Courtesy of ” Man from down under ” Imdb.it

I am so very much looking forward to see this film myself, when it hits the shores of Sicily or even mainland Italy. Small unknown Independent film makers have it difficult here for sure.


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