La doppia ora, The Double Hour

by Marianne Wi

Just the best Thriller to come out of Italy for many years. The film has everything you need from a Thriller and more , it is shot beautifully, great story line, unexpected twists  and even the editing ( often a painful subject) is done to perfection. Why have I not bothered to spread this news before I hear you say, well it is not a recent  film and I have just noticed that it is included in many International Film Festivals such as Palm Springs USA and Lotterywest (Perth) Australia.

Director : Giuseppe Capotondi, know in Italy for his videography work and commercials, this is the first feature film and I very much hope not his last it is awesome.

Cast : Filippo Timi, Kseniya Rappoport,Antonia Truppo,Gaetano Bruno,Fausto Russo Alesi,Michele Di Mauro,Lorenzo  Gioielli, Lidia Vitale.

Best moment  : The scene with the plastic sheet among many .

Excellent performances from both Filippo Timi and  Kseniya Rappoport  should have had an Oscar .

Synopsis :  Sonia from Eastern Europe  has recently moved to  Turin and is looking for a man, she signs up for a speed-dating service, and meets Guido , an ex-cop who is now working as a security guard. Sonia and Guido are attracted to each other and his near obsession with the double hour becomes apparent , it’s a sign of good luck and one should make a wish for sure.  (Double hour = the clock must show 12.12 or 20.20 if you see what I mean) A great thriller do not miss it.

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