Paolo Sorrentino ‘This Must Be The Place’

by Marianne Wi

I am so excited , I understand that Paolo Sorrentino’s  next film is in post production , I have search but see no release dates… It is his very first film in English and I understand that after Sean Penn positively drooled over Sorrentino at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, having  seen IL DIVO , Sorrentino hot footed it back to Italy to convince David Bryne to write the  screenplay for him with Sean Penn in mind .

In short the film is about a bored retired rock star living in Ireland ( Bono ? just jesting ), who decides to hunt down his fathers tormentor. Cheyenne (Sean Penn) is off to New York to see his dying father , alas too late ( word to the wise, do not leave stuff untill tomorrow if you can possibly do it today). Cheyenne goes off in search of the SS Officer  Aloise Lange an unpleasent fellow , it takes him on a long a painful journey across the US  of A .

The cast is  lacking in Italian actors, uhmmm Sorrentino not wise in my opinion , surely a place could have been found for a few famous countrymen ?

Music by Ennio Morricone  neanche , music by Talking Heads This must be the Place ( Naive Melody)



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