Qualunquemente, Whatsoeverly

by Marianne Wi

Director : Giulio Manfredinia, is known in Italy mainly for his work in TV. The Screenwriter and the main actor in this film is Antonio Albanese a household name in Italy.

This is Italian satire at its best and I enjoyed it immensely, well written, current and full of parallels with today’s political scene in Italy, it is unlikely to be seen outside Italy as humour as we know does not travel well.

Edit: I was wrong, so very wrong Qualunquemente, Whatsoeverly was shown at The Berlin Film Festival and was very well received, it is also shown at this years Italian Cinema London, I feel shame and I would not be at all surprised if it now turns up everywhere!

Cast:  Antonio Albernese, Sergio Rubini, Lorenza Indivina, Antonio Gerardi, Salvatore Cantalupo

Best moment :  Tax is like drugs, you try it once and you have to do it again and again.

Synopsis  : Marina di Sopra in Calabria is looking for a new Mayor and we follow the election campaign between De Santis and Cetto Whatever. De Santis does not stand a chance against Cetto Whatsoeverly who is vulgar, dishonest, corrupt, amoral to the point of  moving his South American lover and child into the marital home. Cetto Whatsoeverly is a proud man and does not refrain from using intimidation, paying for votes and other Mafia type actions , he will do what ever it takes, he will be Mayor. He eventually hires a spin doctor from the North to help with his campaign, who in true northern style rips him of. There are some very funny moments and  Albernese’s  portrayal of Cetto is as if it was written for him 😉


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