Un giorno della vita,

by Marianne Wi

Director: Giuseppe Papasso’s first feature film. It was released in Italy January 2011 with some good reviews, it is likely to do very well at International Film Festivals if it gets a change. There are no foreign dates or title as yet . I am throughout the film reminded of  Io non ho paura, I am not scared directed by Gabriele Salvatores  2004.

Best moment:  Salvatore confession, a brave little boy.

Worst moment : The shots are often only showing part of  an actors face, I find that annoying .

Cast: Amedeo Angelone, Matteo Basso,  Mia Benedetta, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Alessandro Haber, Ernesto Mahieux.

Synopsis : We are in the beautiful countryside of Basilicata in 1964. Salvatore , age 12 and friends are loving the cinema and often enter without paying, seeing films not exactly for their age group such as La dolce vita. They have no money and Salvatore who has seen an advert for a projector starts planning a robbery . Salvatore’s father a communist is not happy with his sons interest in all things cinema and does what he can to discourage it, he want his son to be more involved in the communist party. The party is off to Rome by bus for the funeral of Yalta Palmiro Togliatti, they have collected a lot of money and Salvatore ceases the chance to take the money and buy the projector. They start a film club in the local  church however his conscience gets the better of him and he confesses his crime, serving years in a  Correction Centre. The children all first time actors are very good and Salvatore is excellent and gives a detached performance only broken when speaking with great animation about cinema.


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