free movies (online)

by Marianne Wi

If like me you are always looking to cut the cost of going to the cinema and you happen to be  in Italy or have a proxy installed on your computer, do keep a beady eye on  . You will need to register and have the patience of a saint  booking your ticket as this is time driven, if you log on and the clock show 2 hours 4 minutes and 30 seconds , you will need to come back closer to that time ( I know but the film is free and often not yet released in Italy, so get over it)   click  frantically on the spot indicated as the clock reaches 0 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds, after which you will be allowed to book your place. Once you have done this a few times you will be sent an invite , much easier. Remember to cancel your ticket if you are actually not going to watch it.

I have seen a number of films , they are usually shown a few days before the nationwide released date, as I live in Sicily some of the smaller Independent movies are not reaching us so I am very pleased to have this chance to watch a good quality film from my bed with the odd glass of  Inzolia.

An evening with is usually flowing as :

Book you ticket, as soon as possible, you need to keep an eye on their site, there is not much warning. Once they confirm you seat you enter the virtual cinema and find yourself a place,which you will book, you can see who you are sitting next to, quite often the same charming individuals will appear ( I choose to believe that)

20.30 Virtual red carpet, you can see a mini you and are allowed to make comments that will appear in a bubble some  minutes later.

21.00 You enter the cinema and take your seat…. You can still make comments and say hello to be people next to you, I did last time and to my horror because of some technical mishap, it was repeated up to 20 times and I was reprimanded  in the chat room after wards by Frederico …..I only pressed the button once….honest guv.

21.15 There are trailers , sometimes shorts , various clips to see and you can still comment.

21.30 We are off, now you can choose , to stop seeing the comments being made throughout the film, you can change to full screen, it is all up to you or move back and forth.

After the film you will be able to enter the chat-room manned by the Director or an actor from the film. This does not work well, as each showing has 500 participants, if only 10 %   (50 people) begin to ask questions at the same time you can only imagine the chaos , obviously the chat is all in Italian , if you are studying Italian, this is a great place to go and participate or just watch the banter flow .


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