La bellezza del somaro, Love and Slaps

by Marianne Wi

Director : Sergio Castellitto, is a prolific director, actor and very well know in his native Italy, he has also had great success in the rest of the world, I am sure this film will make it onto the International Film Festival Scene. Castillitto has produced and/or acted in the following films among others: L’uomo delle stelle, The Star Maker, Caterina va in cita, Catarina goes to town, Non ti muovere, Don’t move, Il regista di matrimoni, The Wedding Director, Italians, Tris di donne & abiti nuziali, Bets & Wedding Dresses, Alza la testa, Raise Your Head. There are many more the above have been shown abroad and are all out on DVD.

Cast : Erika Blanc, Barbara Bobulova, Sergio Castellitto, Marco Giallini, Emmanuela Grimalda, Gianfelice Imarato, Enzo Jannacci, Renato Marchetti, Laura Morante.

Best Moment : Every scene with the Ass was a joy.

Worst Moment:  The realisation that the only protagonist in this film not having a relationship was the Ass.

Humour does not travel well from country to country, I avoid when possible all the cruise ship comedies together will all the Santa films flooding the Italian cinemas at Xmas, they never make it onto the international scene and rightly so they are not funny unless you are Italian. The Beauty of the Ass is one such film, I saw it as I hold Castellitto in high regard and there were little else in the cinema over the festive period. It was the most “silly” film I have seen in 2010, I was often having to cover my face in despair as one Italian candidature after another was played out in front of the audience, that said 3 ladies sitting behind me declared it the best film in 2010 , not knowing how many they have seen this may be irrelevant , however they positively loved it. Humour is a very very personal thing.

Synopsis: (SPOILER ALERT)  A bourgeois  Italian family living in Rome with their 2 children are going through a crises, the parents are middle age open-minded intellectuals or are they ?. The family sets off to Tuscany for a holiday with a group of old friends, where they are introduced to Amando and his Bonsai-tree, their daughters new love interest. There are every comedy scene from every Italian comedy you have ever seen forced into the next 107 minutes. There are some great acting and some funny scenes however too much all in one, a great opportunity to tackle the old Lolita subject in a thought provoking manner was missed by turning every shot into comedy. The film could only end in one way of course much to the relief of the paying public, when it was reveled that no sex nay a kiss between the two had taken place.

I do think it will show up at an International Film Festival apart for Castellitto himself  Barbara Bobulova and Laura Morante are all well know outside Italy.  A very small glass of Chianti would perhaps make this film easier to watch or as part of a cultural exchange learning about Italian humour.


2 Comments to “La bellezza del somaro, Love and Slaps”

  1. What I can say in relation to this film is that it was really fun.
    Me and my two friends we laughed a lot, especially when nothing came out from the ass.
    the weirdest thing? the child and the old engage. the only luck was not to see sex scenes between these two people!!!
    So I agree with the writer of this blog…

  2. Thank you for your comment Alexandra, yes sex between the two would surely have resulted in the film being blacklisted here in Italy. Humour does not travel well , I do find myself thinking of some of the storylines and smile. Casttellito is loved in the UK so I would not be surprised to see this film at the Italian Festival in London soon. I shall keep you posted.

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