La scuola e finita, School is over.

by Marianne Wi

Director: Valerio Jalogo, well know in the UK for his documentary Di me cosa ne sai, What do you know about me, shown at the London Film Festival 2009. Jalogo also took part in a Q & A with special interest  in Italian cinema and the effect of multiplexes on the Italian Film industry, together with Domenico Procaci, Giuseppe Piccioni and Giorgio Diritti , they did an informative , heart warming  session all in English leaving  you feeling that there are some hope for the Italian Film Industry.

Cast:Vincenzo Amato, Cicilia Broggini, Luciano de Luca, Valeria Golino, Fulvio Forti and Marcello Mazzarella.

Best moment: A number of dialogues between Daria ( Valeria Golina) and Alex ( Fulvio Forti)

Moment I could have done without: Not so much moments, more too many moving camara shots lacking focus.

Synopsis: The film is shot in The Pestralozzi Institute in Rome, the much adored, bored teenage student Alex starts by taking a drug induced free fall from the 5th floor of the school , by surviving without a scratch becomes an idol for his peers all equally bored. The teachers have little control over their class,  also look bored and uninterested. Daria ( played exceptionally well by Valeria Golino) together with her ex-husband  Aldo ( Vincenzo Amato) that is I think they were married at some point, deduced from their continuous  bickering throughout the film, both in their own way try to influence Alex in a positive and constructive way . Alex finds escape through music , helped by  Aldo insuring the usual mayhem.

I am not sure how this film would fare outside Italy, it left me feeling quite depressed and very happy not to have school aged children.

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